Who we are

Together with retailers and other stakeholders, such as government bodies and real estate parties, The Retail Innovation Platform conduct research aimed at the development and successful application of new practical knowledge. Retailers can use the insights from our research to apply their strategy and substantiate and realise innovations in their practice. The unique cooperation between more than twenty universities and more than 50 researchers makes us the leading platform for applied and scientific research in retail innovation in the Benelux.

Our mission

By carrying out and combining applied and scientific research about retail innovation within universities, we wish to make a structural contribution to the innovative strength, competitiveness and sustainability of the retail sector. On the basis of specific themes, researchers, lecturers and students from various universities work together on innovative research projects both with and for the retail sector.

Connection with education

Besides research our researchers also educate future retail professionals. Our students can offer refreshing ideas and look at research from an innovative perspective. It is valuable for both parties, the education sector and retailers, to work together on current challenges and thus to train a new generation. They can learn from practice and carry out research for the future!