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  • Organizations in digital transition

    Organizations in digital transition

    The research group Organizations in Digital Transition researches how Digital Transformation affects organizations and employees, how digital transition can be used to serve employees and the organization, and how we can prepare and support organizations and people in successful change processes in digital transition.

  • Platform Economy

    Platform Economy

    The platform economy brings online supply and demand for goods, labour, money, entertainment, communication and information together in a new format, which unleashes a genuine digital revolution. The fact that platform-oriented services play a major role in our daily lives does not automatically mean that their social impact is a positive one. Job platforms for…

  • Creative & Innovative Business

    Creative & Innovative Business

    Creative & Innovative Business focuses on research and services on digital (media) innovation, strategic communication (formerly Memori), and digital and sustainable business. To this end, the expertise center combines knowledge and experience in technology, user and market research, business, tourism, HR and communication. We support SMEs and social profit organizations with practical insights, guidelines, business…

  • New Urban Tourism

    New Urban Tourism

    Within New Urban Tourism, part of the Creative Business Research Centre, we focus on tourism as an integral part of the urban environment. Tourists literally walk among locals and use the same facilities. In other words, they cannot be considered a separate entity. But how do these large groups of visitors affect cities and neighbourhoods? And can…

  • Societal Impact Design

    Societal Impact Design
  • Human Geography and Spatial Planning

    Human Geography and Spatial Planning

    The research section Urban Geography investigates how life trajectories and daily activities are influenced by the urban environment, what consequences this has for individual behaviour, e.g. in the domains of travel, leisure, consumption, social interaction, and physical activity and how this is associated with important outcomes such as health, well-being, and inclusion. We also study…

  • Moral Design Strategy

    Moral Design Strategy

    The professorship Moral Design Strategy wants to contribute to making a smart society more humane with a refreshing methodology. The morality of the individual plays a central role in this. Our research can reduce the distance between the individual and society. In this way, we can contribute to a more durable organisational formation in both…

  • Family Business

    Family Business

    With knowledge and insights from research, the Dutch Expertise Centre in Family Business aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial power in family businesses. An important aspect of the research carried out by the professorship is finding a good balance between business and family interests. Through direct contact and long-term relationships with family businesses in various sectors,…

  • Marketing and consumer behavior

    Marketing and consumer behavior

    Within the Marketing cluster of our department, research is carried out in the field of consumer behaviour. We focus on retail marketing and shopping behavior (off- as well as online). Issues related to shopper typologies, channel choice (e.g. adoption of online, multichannel, social and virtual world shopping), shopping motivations (a.o. compulsive buying), customer emotions and…

  • Marketing Management

    Marketing Management

    The Research Centre for Marketing is committed to excellence in research and teaching. Our group conducts rigorous and managerially relevant research across the entire spectrum of marketing, including marketing modeling, marketing management & strategy and consumer behavior.