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Centre for Market Insights

The application of Artificial Intelligence in the professional practice of marketing and retail is increasing more and more. Take, for example, the use of AI to predict each customer’s preference. Or service robots and chatbots that take over human customer contact.

Although the potential of AI for marketing and retail professionals is undeniably great, many organisations do not yet know how to optimally utilise the opportunities that AI has to offer. This is especially true for small and medium-sized enterprises. The Centre for Market Insights (CMI) wants to help increase knowledge and skills in the field of AI, data science and data-driven marketing.

The CMI is the research centre of the Marketing, Sales & Trade cluster and the Digital Commerce research group of the Faculty of Business and Economics. Within the CMI, research is conducted into the adoption of innovative technologies, their impact on existing business models and the translation of data and big data into actionable insights.

Experts in the field of data science and machine learning are affiliated with the CMI. The research group is well-positioned within the professional field of marketing and retail, working with various sector organisations and national research and action programmes, such as Thuiswinkel.org , the Data Driven Marketing Association , ShoppingTomorrow and the National Retail Agenda  (in Dutch).


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Mayke Steeman

Centre for Market Insights

Our researchers

Jesse Weltevreden

Professor Digital Commerce

Tibert Verhagen

Professor Emerging Technology for Business

Stephanie van de Sanden

Lecturer-researcher Emerging Technologies

Sjoukje Goldman

Researcher regenerative business models

Adriana Krawczyk




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