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Human Geography and Spatial Planning

The research section Urban Geography investigates how life trajectories and daily activities are influenced by the urban environment, what consequences this has for individual behaviour, e.g. in the domains of travel, leisure, consumption, social interaction, and physical activity and how this is associated with important outcomes such as health, well-being, and inclusion. We also study how such behaviours and their consequences shape urban public spaces and neighbourhoods, and affect meso and macro outcomes, such as spatial inequalities. These relationships are investigated at various spatial and temporal scales and levels of aggregation and with great variety of data and social scientific methods.


Universiteit Utrecht

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Bas Spierings

Assistant Professor

Our researchers

Bas Spierings

Associate Professor in Urban Consumption, Retailing and Public Space



Su, X., Spierings, B., & Hooimeijer, P. (2022)

Different urban settings affect multi-dimensional tourist-resident interactions

Tourism Geographies

Hagen, D., Risselada, A., Spierings, B., Weltevreden, J. W. J., & Atzema, O. (2022)

Digital marketing activities by Dutch place management partnerships: A resource-based view



Su, X., Hooimeijer, P., & Spierings, B. (2021)

Why urban setting matters in shaping tourist attitudes towards interaction with residents: Causation or selection in three urban settings.

Journal of Destination Marketing & Management