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The research of the Marketing department focuses on understanding and influencing customer behavior in both commercial and non-commercial settings. The department strives to conduct research that is characterized by both high practical applicable and high scientific quality. Keywords: customer value, sensory marketing, co-creation, and healthcare marketing.


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Lieve Doucé

Our researchers

Lieve Doucé

Docent – Assistant Professor



Doucé, L., Adams, C., Petit, O., & Nijholt, A. (2022)

Crossmodal Congruency Between Background Music and the Online Store Environment: The Moderating Role of Shopping Goals. Frontiers in Psychology, 13, 883920.

Frontiers in Psychology

Doucé, L.

The Effect of High, Partial, and Low Multisensory Congruity between Light and Scent on Consumer Evaluations and Approach Behavior.



Willems, K., Doucé, L., & Petermans, A. (2021)

Can a retail environment be simulated by photographs?

Journal of Marketing Management