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  • Innovative Entrepreneurship

    Innovative Entrepreneurship

    The PXL Innovative Entrepreneurship Expertise Centre focuses on business-oriented practical scientific research and services related to entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. The research team takes a practice-oriented approach to both small and large issues concerning the professionalisation, digital transformation and innovation of your company

  • Creative Business

    Creative Business

    The Creative Business knowledge center is the knowledge center of and for the domain Creative Business of Inholland University of Applied Sciences. In a diverse team of researchers, we work on design-oriented research in the field of the creative professional. We carry out this research mostly within urban living labs: partnerships of stakeholders (education, research,…

  • Marketing


    The research of the Marketing department focuses on understanding and influencing customer behavior in both commercial and non-commercial settings. The department strives to conduct research that is characterized by both high practical applicable and high scientific quality. Keywords: customer value, sensory marketing, co-creation, and healthcare marketing.

  • Retail Design Lab

    Retail Design Lab

    Value creation and in-store experience should be considered together from the start of the retail design process. This improves the end result and avoids the cost of having to alter the design at a later stage due to misunderstandings or unsatisfied customers. The Retail Design Kick-off Platform was developed by the Retail Design Lab of…

  • Entrepreneurship in transition

    Entrepreneurship in transition

    Strengthening the vitality of entrepreneurship in the north of the Netherlands. That is the goal of the research group Entrepreneurship in Change. The professorship does this in cooperation with the Hanzehogeschool Groningen and the Alfa-college. This cooperation produces a nice circle of knowledge, consisting of lecturer-researchers, MBO and HBO students, external organizations and entrepreneurs. Vitality…

  • Design & Decision Support systems

    Design & Decision Support systems

    As a result of processes becoming increasingly complex in recent years, integrated solutions to architectural and urban planning and design challenges, such as the development of smart cities, need to be assessed from multiple perspectives. Existing models and tools often fail to meet this requirement. The aim of the DDSS research program is to develop…

  • Regional Development

    Regional Development

    The research group Regional Development responds to entrepreneurship in the region and helps companies to make smart use of, for example, regionally determined location factors. By working together with partners in business ecosystems, companies can use mutual expertise to achieve (technological) innovation, competitiveness and sustainability. Education makes use of these newly acquired insights.

  • Smart Cities

    Smart Cities

    The Smart Cities research group helps cities use smart technology to deal with social challenges that put pressure on the quality of life in cities. The deployment of this type of technology requires a sociotechnical approach that not only involves groups of citizens in the design process, but also makes them part of the solution…

  • DevelopmentLab


    Participating in the DevelopmentLAB, students pair up in semester 6 to conduct independent research. Research projects are based on submitted research topics and take place under the supervision of a TMO coach. During their research, students receive guidance from teachers on research methods, and are coached through workshops and advisory meetings with the relevant specialists.…

  • Ondernemerschap & Retail Management

    Ondernemerschap & Retail Management