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  • Innovation Networks

    Innovation Networks

    The Innovation Networks research group develops and offers expertise and tools that help organisations be creative within their current and future digital and networked context. Collaborating with other organisations has become a sheer necessity: there are no longer individual products or services that are designed and delivered by a single organisation. Travel, for instance, is…

  • Entrepreneurial regions

    Entrepreneurial regions
  • Creating 010

    Creating 010

    Creating 010 is a Research Centre that focuses on transformations in society that are related to ongoing digitisation and to developments in the field of information and communication technology. Creating 010’s research always considers people within their social context. Designers, developers and appliers of technology all play an important role in this regard; the choices…

  • New Marketing

    New Marketing

    At the research group New Marketing, we are convinced that current marketing needs a thorough review. With our research, we develop new marketing practice and, by extension, new marketing education. We call this meaningful marketing. Meaningful marketing uses substantially different principles about our economy and the role of companies and people within it. Meaningful marketing…

  • Centre for Market Insights

    Centre for Market Insights

    The application of Artificial Intelligence in the professional practice of marketing and retail is increasing more and more. Take, for example, the use of AI to predict each customer’s preference. Or service robots and chatbots that take over human customer contact. Although the potential of AI for marketing and retail professionals is undeniably great, many…