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Building the centre for responsible applied AI

Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht Universities of Applied Sciences have received a SPRONG grant from Regieorgaan-SIA, with which they – together with 24 partners from the field – can…

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Next Fashion Retail – sustainable clothing

Although consumers indicate that they value sustainable aspects of clothing, the range of sustainable clothing offered by SME multi-brand fashion retailers doesn’t sell well. Next Fashion Retail (NFR)…

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Experiencing physical shops in the virtual realm

Most brick-and-mortar shops have been increasingly impacted by the adverse effects of changing customer behaviour and online competition in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has further amplified this…

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Futureproof equilibrium (PHD)

The past decade seems to have presented new challenges to shopping streets in Amsterdam. Urban consumption spaces have long feared dwindling patronage due to increased competition with regional…

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The impact of collective digital marketing on shopping areas (PHD)

Many urban shopping areas are struggling with declining visitor numbers and decreasing retail sales because consumers are increasingly shopping online. However, this digital era also offers local shopping…

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Culture, Retail and Urban Quality

Exploration by Rotterdam University and University of AmsterdamThe future of inner cities in the Netherlands is in the spotlight. The Ministry of Economic Affairs recently announced an investment…

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The influence of country-differences on cross-border e-commerce (PHD)

In cross-border e-commerce, online retailers strive to expand their online store sales activities to foreign markets. The first study of this PhD research focuses on the combination of…

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