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The influence of country-differences on cross-border e-commerce (PHD)

Client: PHD

Theme: Cross-border ecommerce

Duration: March 1, 2016 – December 31, 2022

Expected results: Scientific Articles

Involved researcher(s): Sjoukje Goldman, Dr. Jesse Weltevreden, Dr. Tibert Verhagen

Involved Institute(s): Centre for Market Insights

In cross-border e-commerce, online retailers strive to expand their online store sales activities to foreign markets. The first study of this PhD research focuses on the combination of strategic orientations and digital marketing activities that determine the success of online retailers in foreign markets. It is an international study among small retailers in 20 European countries comparing online retailers that expand abroad from a developed e-commerce market, and online retailers that do so from a less developed market. This study was published in the International Small Business Journal in October 2020.

Cross-border e-commerce is growing faster than local e-commerce in the coming years. The second study focuses on consumers shopping online abroad looking at the influence of website perceptions and country perceptions on the trust a consumer has in a foreign website. This study is conducted among over 1000 European consumers about e-stores in America and China.

The third study looks at the considerations consumers make when choosing a local website or a foreign website. Why do some consumers shop exclusively at e-stores in their own country and others consciously or unconsciously choose foreign e-stores. This research is conducted among Dutch consumers.

The research is designed and conducted in collaboration with Hester van Herk of the VU University Amsterdam and Tibert Verhagen and Jesse Weltevreden of the Centre for Market Insights of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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