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Data driven retail

The Internet offers modern retailers access to a wide range of online marketing and sales channels. While these channels already form an integral part of many retailers’ business models, a large percentage still struggle to effectively integrate them into their respective strategies.

E-commerce is also intensifying competition from international players and retailers, while simultaneously creating new opportunities to reach international customer groups. Retailers must figure out how to address these international opportunities and threats.

The use of online marketing and sales channels is also generating a continuous flow of data and customer data that retailers can harness to improve the customer experience. However, many seem to be struggling with the transformation towards a more data-driven organisation.

In order to address this challenge, researchers are currently analysing the effectiveness of domestic and international e-commerce and omnichannel activities and the retail sector’s strategic use of data and customer data in marketing and operational processes.

Publications under this theme

Hagen, D., Risselada, A., Spierings, B., Weltevreden, J. W. J., & Atzema, O. (2022)

Digital marketing activities by Dutch place management partnerships: A resource-based view


Hoang, D., Breugelmans E. (2022)

“Sorry, the product you ordered is out of stock”: Effects of substitution policy in online grocery retailing

Journal of Retailing

Maesen S., Lamey L.(2022)

The impact of organic specialist store entry on category performance at incumbent stores

Journal of Marketing

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Ongoing projects under this theme

Building the centre for responsible applied AI

Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht Universities of Applied Sciences have received a SPRONG grant from Regieorgaan-SIA, with which they – together with 24 partners from the field – can build an…

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The impact of collective digital marketing on shopping areas (PHD)

Many urban shopping areas are struggling with declining visitor numbers and decreasing retail sales because consumers are increasingly shopping online. However, this digital era also offers local shopping area stakeholders…

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The influence of country-differences on cross-border e-commerce (PHD)

In cross-border e-commerce, online retailers strive to expand their online store sales activities to foreign markets. The first study of this PhD research focuses on the combination of strategic orientations…

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