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Circularity in retail

We have reached the limits of purely economic growth. Climate agreements and the UN Sustainable Development Goals have led to new government regulations, while consumers are increasingly judging companies by the sustainability of their products, services and processes.

How are these developments affecting the retail sector? Retailers can adapt by developing circular processes, reusing materials and minimising waste. Business models based on the use of products and pursuit of societal goals as well as economic ones are also important in this regard. Research can be an important driver of change in this area of retail. While everyone currently seems to be engaged in sustainability, the issue is rarely among their top 3 priorities. In addition to our research activities, we also aim to raise awareness of circularity and provide education on the subject.

We are currently facing the following key questions:

  • How can we make circularity mainstream?
  • How can data be used to improve the circularity of the retail sector?
  • How can we ensure value for all stakeholders through sustainability?

Publications under this theme

Kör, B., Krawczyk, A., & Wakkee, I. (2021)

Addressing food loss and waste prevention

British Food Journal

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Ongoing projects under this theme

Next Fashion Retail – sustainable clothing

Although consumers indicate that they value sustainable aspects of clothing, the range of sustainable clothing offered by SME multi-brand fashion retailers doesn’t sell well. Next Fashion Retail (NFR) has formulated…

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Our researchers

Nicole Stofberg

Lector Platformeconomie

Katelijn Quartier

Professor Retail Design

Sjoukje Goldman

Researcher regenerative business models

Adriana Krawczyk


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Katelijn Quartier

Chairman research theme Circularity

Professor Retail Design
Hasselt University


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