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Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour has changed dramatically in recent decades. The surge in online shopping has forced brick-and-mortar shops to rethink their role and purpose.

Consumers are sourcing products and services from a wide range of new and existing suppliers. They are now more well-informed than ever thanks to the wealth of available online information. Their expectations of shopping have changed and are now more focused on experience rather than transaction.

These developments are forcing many retail businesses to redefine their relationship with their target groups. They will need to mobilise new staff, resources and concepts if they aim to retain their customer base and operate their businesses in a commercially viable way. These issues will require an urgent response.

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Publications under this theme

Doucé, L.

The Effect of High, Partial, and Low Multisensory Congruity between Light and Scent on Consumer Evaluations and Approach Behavior.


L. Kowalczyk, E. Breugelmans and K. Campo (2021)

It is not there, I love it! How relevance to objective needs of an unavailable item impacts emotions, store image and behavior

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services

Vafainia, S., E. Breugelmans and T. Bijmolt, (2021)

Decomposition of VAT-Free Promotion Effects: The Role of Loyalty Program Membership and Category Characteristics

Marketing Letters

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