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  • Wina Smeenk

    Wina Smeenk

    Since January 2021, Wina Smeenk has been Professor of Societal Impact Design and is therefore part of the Creative Business research group. Among other things, she is involved in the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam. With the help of the empathic co-design compass she developed, her mixed-perspectives methodologies and the empathic hand-over method, she […]

  • Iris Kerst

    Iris Kerst

    Iris Kerst is Program Manager of both the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam and the Sustainable Urban Tourism Expertise Network. Within these roles, she tries to connect researchers, students, entrepreneurs, businesses and citizens in order to develop solutions in the field of sustainable urban tourism. Want to know more about the network? Do not […]

  • Roos Gerritsma

    Roos Gerritsma

    Roos Gerritsma is associate professor at the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam, an initiative of Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Together with colleagues and students, she works on the transition to design-oriented research. Roos considers the lab in Amsterdam North to be a testing ground for more: ‘North is the starting point, not the […]

  • Ko Koens

    Ko Koens

    Dr. Ko Koens has been the professor of the New Urban Tourism research group at Inholland University of Applied Sciences since February 2020. Cities are experiencing increasing pressure from urbanisation and fast-growing urban tourism. How can we find a new balance between visitors and residents, in such a way that tourism and the social transformation […]

  • Kim Willems

    Kim Willems

    Kim Willems (PhD Applied Economic Sciences: Business Engineer, UHasselt & VUB, 2012) is associate professor of Marketing at the Faculty of Social Sciences & Solvay Business School at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). She teaches courses at bachelor’s and master’s level in the field of (strategic) marketing and supervises about 35 paper and master thesis […]

  • Mettina Veenstra

    Mettina Veenstra

    Mettina Veenstra is a research professor (lector) Smart Cities at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. The research group she is leading distinguishes two lines of research: Improving quality of life in cities with smart city applications; Data-driven management for municipalities. Her research focuses on the application areas of sustainability (e.g. climate adaptation and sustainable mobility), […]

  • Filip Otten

    Filip Otten
  • Evi Knuts

    Evi Knuts
  • Paul Rutten

    Paul Rutten
  • Marie-Ange de Kort

    Marie-Ange de Kort

    I am a senior lecturer and researcher at Leisure & Events Management, specially in leisure concept development, creating smart solutions for a variety of complex questions in an urban environment.As coordinator of the graduation minor Smart Culture I have a special focus on urban Cultural offering, Retail development and Placemaking in the metropolitan city region […]