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Hermien Raedts

Hermien Raedts

Researcher Retail Innovation


Hermien Raedts is a researcher retail innovation and lecturer (Graduate in Store Management and Bachelor in Business Management) at PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Expertisecentre Innovative Entrepreneurship in Hasselt (Belgium).

As a researcher, Hermien helps retail entrepreneurs with professionalisation needs and innovation challenges through business-oriented hands-on scientific research, developing tools for retail and its suppliers. Using a retail scan, retail entrepreneurs are given advice on how to digitally transform their shop to better serve the needs of their digitalised customers. Furthermore she supervises the setting up of living labs with in-store technology. She regularly gives workshops and coaches retailers on how to digitally transform their physical store.

She is member of the Retail Innovation Platform and served as an expert in various groups of Shopping Tomorrow over the last few years.