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Lieve Doucé

Lieve Doucé

Docent – Assistant Professor

+32(0)11 26 86 44

Lieve Doucé ( Ph.D. in Applied Economics) is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Business Economics of Hasselt University (Belgium).
Her research focuses on consumer reactions towards sensory cues in physical and online retail environments with a strong interest in sensory imagery, cross-modal correspondences, and sensory-enabling technologies. Her research has been published in among others Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Environmental Psychology, and Food Quality and Preference.



Doucé, L., Adams, C., Petit, O., & Nijholt, A. (2022)

Crossmodal Congruency Between Background Music and the Online Store Environment: The Moderating Role of Shopping Goals. Frontiers in Psychology, 13, 883920.

Frontiers in Psychology

Doucé, L.

The Effect of High, Partial, and Low Multisensory Congruity between Light and Scent on Consumer Evaluations and Approach Behavior.



Willems, K., Doucé, L., & Petermans, A. (2021)

Can a retail environment be simulated by photographs?

Journal of Marketing Management


Doucé, L., & Adams, C. (2020)

Sensory overload in a shopping environment: Not every sensory modality leads to too much stimulation.

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services