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  • Marie-Ange de Kort

    Marie-Ange de Kort

    I am a senior lecturer and researcher at Leisure & Events Management, specially in leisure concept development, creating smart solutions for a variety of complex questions in an urban environment.As coordinator of the graduation minor Smart Culture I have a special focus on urban Cultural offering, Retail development and Placemaking in the metropolitan city region […]

  • Alexander Grit

    Alexander Grit

    Alexander Grit is an international academic leader with a strong strategic focus, who has an excellent track record of bringing organizations and people to a higher level. He is a goal-oriented team player with strong communication skills, who is actively and personally involved in obtaining excellence for himself and his team. He has held a […]

  • Ilse Vos

    Ilse Vos

    Ilse Vos is a researcher in customer experience and retail innovation at PXL expertise center Innovative Entrepreneurship. She has a long track record in market research for both local and international clients in various sectors. As a researcher, Ilse currently helps entrepreneurs and policy organizations with professionalization needs and innovation challenges through business-oriented hands-on scientific […]

  • Cees-Jan Pen

    Cees-Jan Pen

    Contribute to changing the current planning of business locations in the Netherlands and translate the ideas of Jane Jacobs to urban dutch policy . Specialties: Economic research, process management, knowledge exchange between cities

  • Liliane van Suijlen

    Liliane van Suijlen
  • Pauline van den Berg

    Pauline van den Berg

    I am an Assistant Professor of Real Estate Management and Urban Development at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). My research focuses on the healthy and social living environments, aiming on extending theories and using advanced modeling approaches to contribute empirical evidence on the impact of residential environments on human behavior and quality of life […]

  • Wouter Pol

    Wouter Pol

    Wouter Pol (drs, University of Groningen) is lecturer Retail and entrepreneurship at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. He had worked for several food retailers as a buyer and category manager. He also is a researcher at the Centre of Expertise in Family Business. Areas of expertise: Category Management, Sales, Sourcing, Entrepreneurship, Retailmarketing, Family business.

  • Lieve Doucé

    Lieve Doucé

    Lieve Doucé ( Ph.D. in Applied Economics) is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Business Economics of Hasselt University (Belgium).Her research focuses on consumer reactions towards sensory cues in physical and online retail environments with a strong interest in sensory imagery, cross-modal correspondences, and sensory-enabling technologies. Her research has been published in among others […]

  • Adriana Krawczyk

    Adriana Krawczyk

    Dr Adriana Krawczyk is a lecturer and researcher at the Amsterdam School of International Business, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.  In 2008, she obtained her Ph.D. in Economics and Business at the University of Groningen (RuG) in The Netherlands.  Her research interests include sustainable consumer behavior, food waste, sustainable tourism, e-commerce.  

  • Bas Spierings

    Bas Spierings

    Bas Spierings is Associate Professor in Urban Geography at the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning at Utrecht University. His research focuses on the nexus between urban consumption, retailing and public space – with specific interests in city centre competition, retail development, touristification and commercial gentrification, urban tourism, leisure shopping, walking mobilities, and encounters […]