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  • Lien Lamey

    Lien Lamey
  • Jacqueline Arnoldy

    Jacqueline Arnoldy

    Jacqueline Arnoldy (MMI Master in Management en Innovation, NCOI, 2017) is project leader of TMO DevelopmentLAB for TMO Fashion Business School in Doorn. She is teaching, coaching and managing several business projects in cooperation with companies, colleges, government, bachelor students and technological companies. Since 2015 she also coordinated and acquired these research projects with her…

  • Hermien Raedts

    Hermien Raedts

    Hermien Raedts is a researcher retail innovation and lecturer (Graduate in Store Management and Bachelor in Business Management) at PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Expertisecentre Innovative Entrepreneurship in Hasselt (Belgium). As a researcher, Hermien helps retail entrepreneurs with professionalisation needs and innovation challenges through business-oriented hands-on scientific research, developing tools for retail…

  • Martin Ligtenbarg

    Martin Ligtenbarg

    Experience in Management, Marketing, Finance and (Franchised) Retail. Sectors ranging from FMCG to Apparel and Service Industries. Medium size and small companies. B-to-B and B-to-C. Franchised and fully owned stores. Specialties: Investment in start-ups and small businesses, Business Planning, Export, Branding, Marketing, Finance, Fashion, Retail, Franchise, General Management, Licensing, Restructuring, Market Research. Strategy and hands-on…

  • Kaj Morel

    Kaj Morel

    Dr. Kaj Morel is Professor of New Marketing at the Centre of Expertise Wellbeing Economy and New Entrepreneurship. His research focuses on meaningful marketing/identity marketing and the purpose economy. Specifically, research is conducted on the application of new economic principles for (retail)business and marketing. The aim is to make business professionals more aware of their…

  • Inge Ectors

    Inge Ectors

    As a University College PXL researcher with a strong customer focus, Inge applies market research & data analysis to provide companies a clear view on their customers to enable more customer-driven and informed entrepreneurship. She designs and conducts customised contract research for SMEs as well as local large companies and focuses on helping companies to…

  • Sjoukje Goldman

    Sjoukje Goldman

    Sjoukje Goldman is a researcher and senior lecturer in sustainable marketing within the Centre of Market Insights. As a researcher, she will soon complete her P.hD. in cross-cultural marketing strategy and is the coordinator of the regenerative business models theme. As a senior lecturer, she teaches in the professional master digital-driven business. When she had…

  • Ralph Ferwerda

    Ralph Ferwerda

    Mr. Ferwerda was born in 1967, is married and has three daughters. Ralph Ferwerda is project manager and senior lecturer at NHL-Stenden University of Applied Sciences, where he provides education (research, branding and retail management), supervises students in the graduation phase and leads educational innovation projects. He has a lot of experience with quality assurance…

  • Stephanie van de Sanden

    Stephanie van de Sanden

    Stephanie (°1989) holds a master’s degree in Management (2015) and a PhD in Applied Economics (2021) from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where she continued her academic journey as a post-doctoral researcher of Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). She conducts research on the interplay of (emerging) technologies and consumer behavior in retail. Currently, Stephanie is a…

  • Malaika Brengman

    Malaika Brengman